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John Maxwell will take pride in creating the perfect image of your home. It should be noted that John's work is done totally by hand, there is no use of computers or digitized photographs involved in the creative process.

Choose the medium of your choice; Watercolor or Pen & Ink, the choice is yours - simply a matter of taste. Please view the Pen and Ink samples above and the Watercolor on the Home Page.

What to do: Photograph the home. Take photos from several different angles - some up close and some far away. Specific details should be photographed up close. The more photos provided the better job John can do. (Please provide colors of details such as shutters, house colors, etc., if not true to color on photograph.)

John will double mat and frame your house portrait to suit the colors in the artwork and ship it to you for a nominal shipping and handling fee. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery unless other arrangements have been made.

House Portrait Price Schedule

Size Matted Framed
16 x 20 $345.00 $375.00
18 x 24 $455.00 $495.00
22 x 28 $645.00 $695.00
24 x 32 $935.00 $995.00

Standard frames supplied are attractive large profile satin silver or satin gold. Other frames are available at an additional cost. Add 10% for shipping and handling.

The above prices are for watercolor paintings or pen and ink drawings. The sizes indicated are after double matting.

Special Offer: 12 x 16 Pen and Ink drawing, matted and framed, $245.00. For an additional $125.00, 100 note cards will be included. Add 10% for shipping and handling.


John also does custom matting and framing for any of your artwork at a cost much less than you would expect to pay at local frame shops.

John can also embellish a wedding invitation with a beautiful watercolor (the subject of your choice.) The cost for a framed and matted invitation with the watercolor is only $75.00 plus tax and shipping. See an example in The Gallery.

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